Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Back Once Again!

We'll be stepping up to the yearly lyrical challenge again, this time With Extra Poets.  I'll let them introduce themselves as the month progresses...!

If you'd like to send us prompts, comment on this post.  Let us know about your own NaPoWriMo challenges...


Wednesday, 30 April 2014

au revoir

...based on the farewell prompt...

this is not goodbye this is not tear stains on a station platform black and white steam trains rising passengers thronging between us indifferent to our pain this is not the bedside stiff upper lip cradling hands paper thin skin as breath winds down this is not rending clothes and slamming doors down the stairs never look back never look back with damp eyes only on the road ahead this is not goodbye this is cheerio this is we will meet again don't know where don't know when this is see you on the sunny side this is under the clock in ten years time this is not goodbye though it is fare well au revoir au revoir au revoir

Russell J Turner

Anything Could Happen

This poem is a collaborative effort between all seven of us - thanks for following our journey!

If all we live is fiction,
Then anything could happen 
After this chapter ends.
Once our pens are set to rest
And closure takes our trembling hands
To lead us through the tangles.
(Shield our pages from the brambles.)

Rambling through these fictive
landscapes we made a bargain:
if I could guess your heart and
you could guess mine then we
would win this world together -
scribing our names on the scroll
of life, graffiti as an act of love.

Spray paint your name under
The disused railway bridge.
Our love is on the edgelands
Shy and bold, a rampant thicket
Of knotweed, caught with
Coke bottles with faded labels.
Turn this way and that.

But never back the way you came
live each moment only once
bear the paper cuts and winds
that scent of rusted ink
fear only those moments
when you can trace letters
in the dust covering your eyes.

And I am caught in you, as
You in me, courting triumph
And disaster in equal measure,
Breath by breath, stepping in this
New and ancient dance,
Hands clasped, feet flying
Eyes locked, hearts smiling.

Those shining, inky lines, which
Map out our lives, leaving
Stains on my skin like vast, blotchy
Continents. And though there may
Be miles between us, I’ll search you
Out with trembling hands, still
Striped with lines that we designed

These fresh pages devoid of lines
Yesterday's writing shows still
But with every new word inscribed
Becomes a shambolic translation of the soul
So fill up pages, spill the ink
Anything could happen
If all these words are true.

Daisy T-G, Russell J Turner, Elaine Ewart, Emma Ormond, Fay Roberts, Leanne Moden, and Nikki Marrone. 

Final Goodbye

Last day of Napowrimo! This poem is based off the goodbye prompt

Even though tonight is the end of things
This isn't our last goodbye
I will miss you very much
And see you eventually sometime

I'll think about you often
You'll always cross my mind 
Wonder how you're doing
And if you'll walk my way 

I'll hope to cross your path
Sometime someday somehow
You'll always be my friend
I'll love you then as I love you now

Tonight is not our final act
One last show of what we can do
This is not the final concerto
Our friendships are not through

And even if next year doesn't happen
And things cannot work through
Though I might not see your face
I will always remember you

Nikki Marrone

#30 Ave et Atque


We shake hands,
Duck and dance,
Try to remember
Do we hug?
A brief scent
A kiss of eyes


It's so loud
That part of the evening
Where all is rush and flurry
Arms wide
Breath moist on necks
Bending to hear
Those words

Bore Da/ Hylô/ Helô

We had to steal words
From the outside
Until recently
Everything was about
The rhythm of days
Saying bathed in
What kind of light graced us
A whole day together
A whole day apart

Some things translate
Across boundaries
And there's nothing like a smile
To make your day


We are mirrors and circles
Turning, starting, ending
Breaking and mending
In the same breath,
Echoing: Again...

Nos da/ Hwyl/ Da bo chi/ Wela i chi

Au revoir


30. Its Time

Why not, last day farewell poem.

Its Time

Its time
time to say goodbye
time to wave with quavering smiles
floating on the tears they hide

its time
time for you to leave
time to stretch the bond between us
hope its tautness will eventually ease

its time
time to hope its true
time to hope the memory of your closeness
is as sustaining as the closeness of you. 

Last Words

From the 'goodbye poem' prompt.

Last Words

You imagine that there will be time for last words:
The truth's rather flat.
You'll make some attempt at a hearty joke
And that will be that.

Elaine Ewart