Thursday, 30 April 2015

30. No More Goodbyes

Caught up with an hour to spare! It's been a pleasure fellow poets, thank you for all the kind words and support throughout this month, until next time :) 

I have faced more than my fair share of goodbyes
Seen bridges burn
Doors locked, shut and sealed.
I have shaken the hands of newly found attachments
Wiped tears from my mothers eyes
Embraced each and every friend
And I know that this is not the first time
Nor the last time
That our paths will cross
And so I will pass on the:
Auf wiedersehens
Au revoirs
And instead old friend
I’ll see you next time.

30. The Passionate End

The clogyrnach is a Welsh poetic form, and thanks go to Fay for the inadvertent prompt! 

The Passionate End
It’s time to stop, but I can’t quit;
The fires of my passions lit.
No tell-tale hints or clues,
There’s nothing left to do:
I’ll admit
I love you.

29. Cathedral

Starting to feel nostalgic about this beautiful cathedral city. Ely, you marvellous creature!

Perched atop a lonely hill,
A waiting vessel, waiting still.
The ship of stone reflects the seas
Inscribed with long-dead memories
With sails of slate and coloured glass
It's weathered well, though years have passed
And no one now recalls the names
Of those to praise and those to blame
A ship of stone, that's run aground
No comfort now for those who drowned
A sanctuary of ancient law
Now tethered to a sealess shore.


30. Schools Out

This was a weird prompt and i'm not sure how i feel about writing from the bottom up, but here it is.

Schools Out

your checking me out is not needed
it’s not a exam that can be cheated
better than a piece of meat is
of your right to be treated
their generations neglect
but you can see them reflect
to master all the values you expect
you can try to teach them respect
you look good to their eyes
like a normal disguise
and they haven’t realized
when you’re thinking it through
wondering what you will do
thinking i’ll see you at school
don’t blow your cool
give them a smile that’s knowing
watching them clue in
when they realize what they’re doing
that’s the moment you win

29. A Boy Who Reads

In the harshest of winters,
After a regretful fall,
I tripped and fell,
For a boy who reads.
The significance of this,
Is currently unknown
But its got to mean something
Of that I'm sure
The best part at least,
His books he will loan.
At night stories are told.
Fairy tales in foreign tongue.
One night he cried,
For a boy with nightmares calling.
Songs for a little book thief,
A dream spun lullaby sung.
In the pouring rain,
Where all good romances begin and end.
We ran through book stacks,
Of an all glass library.
Hours spent among the pages,
A book lovers best friend.
Hours spent huddled together,
While our minds we have freed.
The power of stories,
Are hard to describe.
I tripped and fell,
for a boy who reads. 

2015.30 - Unsuitable

My darling now I must confess 
That I don’t love you any less 
Than I did before 
It’s just: I wasn’t sure 
If my passion was under duress. 

It seems, as your best friend opined,
That I’m just not that way inclined.
See, your bits aren’t like mine –
Does that make me a swine?
To continue would be quite unkind.

Yes, that’s right – I am “one of those”,
Born this way – it’s not something I chose.
It’s not you, it’s me,
You can keep the CDs...
There’s no chance of a lift, I suppose...?

No, you’re right, I’ll just be on my way
After all, there is no more to say
I’ll be gone in a trice,
You won't have to ask twice –
Out there it’s a gorgeous new day.

#30 - sanction

The clogyrnach is a Welsh poetic form. Thanks to Fay for showing me :)

There is a bolt out of the blue
from a lover I never knew:
it may mimic ways
to sanction our days
but just says
'I need you.'